We salute you and welcome you on this opportunity page of where you’re given a chance to select any project you want from the list and forward it to us via gyuganda@yahoo.com . We will be contacting you as soon as possible.

1. Village Teaching and Outreach
=> We work with villages and schools that provide counseling, care, and education to rural people and orphaned and underprivileged children. Some of these placements focus exclusively on teaching primary or secondary school. Others include both teaching and community outreach components. Please inform us if you wish to teach, do outreach work, or a combination of both,

2. Public Health Improvement => We place volunteers in different communities to provide public health services to rural children, youth and adults. Volunteers work alongside Ugandan counselors and are engaged in a combination of the following activities:

3. Village Outreach: => Public speaking and mentoring in rural communities respecting HIV prevention and AIDS care, malaria, hygiene, family planning, reproductive health, nutrition, early childhood feeding, and sanitation.

4. School Outreach: => Public speaking and mentoring of youth and children about teen issues. These may include drug and alcohol abuse, pregnancy, STDs, sexual education, and decision-making. Volunteers visit schools speaking directly to students about issues affecting them. Again, volunteers design their own speeches, but are given basic training and access to educational materials in order to prepare themselves.

5. Church Outreach => Here we place Christian volunteers who are interested in working with Churches in terms of Evangelism , Sunday School , Helping and Supporting the needy etc.

6. Professional Healthcare: (Health Education) => Volunteers with medical background take part in clinic duty, treating and immunizing local people. There is also work available at a training centre for nurse aids. Volunteers teach nursing skills to adult students and help with curriculum development and lesson planning. Volunteers are needed for their skills as health centers are underfunded and lack qualified staff.

7. Conservation and Agriculture => Volunteers with a green thumb, or those who just want to plunge their hands into rich African soil, will be interested in an agriculture placement. These village based placements teach and promote modern methods of farming and environmental conservation in rural communities.

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