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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Generation Youth Uganda. We hope you can find here a fulfilling and dynamic learning experience.

Our volunteer program has a well established structure, which helps each volunteer to develop different skills and very familiar with their own personal and professional development, by supporting actions that he or she performs.

The program welcomes people of all ages, sexes, vocational and educational levels, who wish to social impact actions we take, as part of the core activities of Generation Youth Uganda . We seek people with a sense of social responsibility, warm and responsible, who want to make their contribution to the world.

Once you have made the decision to go inspire and empower others the process is easy! Simply follow the steps below and you will be settling in to a different culture before you know it:

1. Email us with the dates you would like to go and the project
you want to work at. Generation Youth Uganda will get back to you to confirm your choices are available.

2. Once your choices have been confirmed, read the Terms and Conditions.
If you agree to these, download and fill in the application form Volunteer Application Form 1

3. Once your application form has been received, a non refundable deposit of $300 is needed to secure your place. Details of how to pay this will be sent at the time of confirming availability.
Please note, your place is not guaranteed until this has been received.

4. You will be contacted after receipt of your deposit with confirmation that your place and
dates are booked. Once you have this you will need to go ahead and book flights, arrange a
visa, insurance and vaccinations.


Volunteers are encouraged to spend a minimum of 4 weeks in any one project area in order to provide continuity for the children and/or patients involved as well as to give volunteers time to settle in. However for those spending longer abroad projects can be mixed and matched.


You need to pay $500 per 4 week period which includes airport pickup to and from , Accommodation as well as feeding and also Generation Youth Uganda to cover administration costs and other materials.
1 week- USD$200 ,2 weeks-USD$300 ,3 weeks- USD$400, 4 weeks- USD$500

This fees can be paid upon arrival or before departure for proper preparations of your stay.

NOTE: Remember this money does not include your flights, visas, vaccinations and travel insurance.


Volunteers are expected to get involved in all aspects of community life within and around their placement. They are expected to be respectful of the culture they are in at all times and remember they are representatives of their own country. Volunteers are encouraged to build friendships with people involved at the projects but are expected to keep these within professional boundaries. While Generation Youth Uganda encourages future communication, volunteers must ensure this is done appropriately and that future visits and donations are done through Generation Youth Uganda…


While working with Generation Youth Uganda, volunteers learn about the real situation at the grassroots level in Uganda. Life in Uganda is tough for everyone, not just HIV/AIDS patients, orphans and refugees. Wages are low, corruption is rampant, education is not universal. In spite of this, Ugandans are some of the most welcoming, friendly, and open people in Africa. Volunteers become part of the family, learning about the local culture: how to cook, how to speak the language, how to sit peacefully with their neighbors and talk about life in general. We hope that volunteers take that knowledge home with them, spreading the word about Ugandan development issues and culture around the world.

If you would like to bring a group out to work with Generation Youth Uganda, please email us. OR DOWNLOAD the FORM NOW. Volunteer Application Form 1

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If you can’t find the information you’re looking for online or just want to chat through the prospect of volunteering or how to donate, please get in touch!

You can either contact us here or call
Tel: (+256)791930636/ 750932937

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