Our work

Many barriers, cultural practices, poverty, the lack of role models, discrimination, lack of educational facilities and information on issue that affect life prevent young people from becoming productive. Therefore all our programmes aim to create opportunities for people to break those barriers.

HIV/AIDS prevention and reproductive health promotion, most young people in our region have no access to information about sexual health and AIDS this makes them vulnerable.The intention is to provide them with life skills that will empower them to make informed decisions and choices about their health and sexual behaviours.

Outreach and Advocacy.
(i) We reach out to out of school youth, street kids and sex workers to advance their knowledge in social pressing issues i.e. HIV/AIDS, environment, poverty reduction strategies, job creation and employment skills, conflict management and transformation
(ii) We engage and train local leaders in human rights, mediation, conflict transformation and peace building, to strength their ability to protect and promote Human rights of mainly the disadvantaged young people.

Humanitarian Aid,
having experienced first hand how the poorest members of our society struggle to survive with out safe water, proper clothing and enough food, we incorporate humanitarian assistance towards hopeless and helpless mainly elderly members in the society. This is in form of bedding, clothing, food etc. The aid enables the recipients to feel that someone out there cares about them. Would you like to join us in this cause, if yes contact us with what you have for aid.

We educate our local communities in environmental issues which include importance and conservation. We engage and encourage the youth to protect and promote environmental sanitation in their areas.

How we work

Seminars, campaigns and workshops are organised to educate and engage public to comprehensively analyse the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats upon hardships young people face to reach their potential, so that we collectively identify, adapt and promote solutions and practices that appropriately work in the development and promotion of young people in general. To contribute to a mechanism that can produce positive generations that will free our region, later on nation and the world of hostilities, violence, prejudice, hatred, tyranny, poverty, corruption and diseases.

Drama and sports events, school visits, are creative ways of which we reach out to young people who others find difficult to reach out.

Youth service day, Youth are mobilized from schools, organisations and communities to identify and address the needs of their communities, youth lead and learns through service and are inspired into volunteerism at early stages. Young people plan and organise a number of projects around Mukono district. It supports them into civic engagement, promotes them as resources in their communities, and educates the public about the year round positive roles and contributions of young people in their communities.

The other negative resultant of the above issues, is amass of orphans creating a society where adults, having not been properly cared for as children, are themselves unable to bring up their own offspring.

Even though several initiatives are recollecting the former glory, HIV/AIDS, poverty, ineffective leadership, ignorance and corruption remains stumbling blocks. To offer the youth a way out of this quagmire, Generation Youth Uganda envision to empowering and promoting them as makers of positive change.

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