Sanitary Pads/Towels For Women

This Project was launched on 14th/09/2012 with the aims of Equipping, Donating free sanitary pads/towels, Teaching, Training workshops and Volunteer towards the hygiene/sanitation of a girl child in UGANDA.



This was started by Mr Mawejje Joseph CEO – Generation Youth Uganda Who was later joined by a group of young ladies to help. some girls below poverty level and those in Government Schools they don’t have access to sanitary pads hence they end up using dirty clothes when they are in their periods. and the most generous innocent age is from 11yrs to 20yrs. This is urgently calling us to help them by giving, donating, training, counseling and volunteering to avoid problems and being uncomfortable during their school time, working etc

We will be reaching out to Schools, Churches,villages and other Communities to educate, equip, donate and to train all girls and ladies in Mukono District and Uganda at large.

During our research we’ve found many girls from the age of 10yrs and above in deep villages and some areas in towns, some don’t have money to buy those sanitary pads, And this has made these girls use dirty clothes and other even don’t know what to do. I feel you and
we, can do something great send us Email us.

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