THE CRY OF A UGANDAN GIRL ( Lack of Sanitary Pads/product )

I am so worried about how girls/women in deep villages pass through during their menstrual periods. It is so sad: a shameful moment, and challenging to see them suffering because of a small thing. ” Sanitary Pad ” But I look up to many a round me. . It does not matter what their age, gender or race are – what matters to me is how they can be helped out in order to get these sanitary product , thoughts and actions through which these are upheld. I enjoy hearing from those who are ready to stand and support these young less fortunate poor young girls/women in Uganda.

There is only one thing that matters me and that is women’s reproductive health/education. I think every person should put his/her attention towards the girls/women’s health and more especially during their menstrual periods.

This came after an observation/research which was carried out by Generation Youth Uganda led by Mawejje Joseph. It shows that 7 out of 10 girls who are below poverty level and those in public schools they don’t have access to sanitary pads hence they ends up using dirty rags/cloths while in their menstrual periods. And the most dangerous innocent age is from 11yrs to 20yrs.

This is urgently calling us to help to avoid school drop outs , reproductive/ health problems and being uncomfortable during their school time and working etc. I think everyone should have equal rights to both unproductive, unhappy , suffering society.

I became aware of this healthcare issues through the research we carried out in different parts in Mukono District and Uganda at large.

For sure these people (women) deserves a chance with sensitization and sanitary products.

Written by Mawejje Joseph