Kid 2 Kid

kid 2 kid

K2K Is a program that is aiming at restoring hope and Uniting kid from all over the world and those kids in Ugandan Schools through sharing photos, stories, letters and ideas. This will help to build a strong relationship between these kids all over the world.

Under this program, we have two (2) options of which our targets is, Kid 2 Kid is going to connect Kids of UGANDAN in Schools , Church and in Villages globally as a sign of love, friendship, unity and contacts. you can be part of this program and bring connections to children..

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Here we advise kids to save one dollar a day and those are $30 dollars a month. so that money is sent to us to help a connected kid and that money is not given to anybody else but to a kid who is chosen by a kid abroad.

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Here we network schools and individuals from abroad to schools in Uganda to become sister schools here we try to share experience in raising up children and their teacher. etc. we have many schools here in Uganda who are already in the program. If you wish to partner with us, please contact us now .

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